Intensive, Practical, Effective

Would you like to further develop your strengths as speaker in order to feel secure in your role and focus on your messaging in a convincing manner? Would you like to communicate with intention and from your heart? Is it important to you to motivate employees to start a conversation with you, exchange views, on a level playing field? Would you like to collaborate with coworkers from other countries productively, with joy and inspiration instead of just working off projects?

For media and communication trainings, crisis simulations and workshop for crisis preparedness

I am teaming up with my colleague and journalist Andreas Unger.

As a team we are K2 Kommunikationstraining Krisensimulation

We help you prepare for your speaking opportunities be it a press conference or an interview with a journalist. Or townhall meetings, conversations with the local council, with customers, partners….

In a crisis simulation we check the level of preparedness with you and your team. How well structures and procedures are implemented. We ask tough questions. And support with any necessary follow-up work.

Intercultural collaboration

Working in international teams and my four-year stay in the US inspired me to take a closer look and a deep dive into the secrets and success factors of international collaboration. Which concepts describe different cultures? What do I have to know about my culture of origin? What are the skills that help in intercultural working relationships? These topics and more are part of my training for intercultural collaboration. The concept is very interactive, the different modules contain many exercises and offer opportunities to share experiences and learn from each other. Don’t hesitate to call me >, if you are interested in a specific content.