Forming Change

New situations arise without long lead times or without advance warning. Imagination and flexibility are required. Strategies are the foundation to build upon.

Often you initiate change yourself. Proactively, because you anticipate coming developments. Sometimes, change becomes effective in more than one spot. Then, you can trust in an active corporate culture with values that stabilize the organization and work as guide rails.

The power of internal communication

Communication – which is more than information – enables employees to deal with changing situations and conditions. It provides them with supporting tools. In an international context it creates a trans-cultural integrated organizational culture where everybody can communicate with each other.

Strategies for change

“What is in the score? Everything except for the essential!”. That is how composer Gustav Mahler saw it. The score could reveal itself only through the sound, once explained the famous conductor Sergiu Celibidache in an interview with Sueddeutsche Zeitung Mahler’s statement.

In communication, long-term strategies, concepts, plans and guiding principles are important fundamentals, they give direction. But only with their implementation they take full effect. Once they are brought to life. And when they support fast action and reaction.

My Manifesto covers more on communication in our world of chaos and opportunities.

Service overview More

For my clients I am strategist, consultant, sparring partner – often with a comprehensive scope, sometimes as team member in a project.

At the beginning of your work together my task is to listen. I ask a lot of questions. You are the experts for your company and your industry. We get to the point quickly. A good concept is an important foundation for all further activities.

Internal communication

  • Strategic consulting
  • Program planning
  • Implementation support

Change communication

  • Workshop: analysis of current status and goal setting
  • Concept and planning
    • Communication strategy and plan
    • Development of target picture and change story
    • Development of nomenclature and visual world
    • Leadership communication (e.g. events, leadership toolbox, media)
    • Development of dialog and experience formats
    • Internal communication campaigns
  • Consulting and support with implementation

Crisis communication

  • Crisis Preparedness
  • Training and simulations
  • Support with immediate crisis situations