On your own.
Paving the path for possibilities.
Discover rooms of opportunity. Open them. Shape them.
Unfold strengths and potential.

Shaping change

What if you could actively shape the changes you aim for? What fi you could reclaim space for wishes and ideas? Live a life in balance? Make decision based on what you want and what you think is right and not driven by “must”?

As a change coach I work with people who are facing changes, who are in the middle of a transition, who need to make an important decision or who want to actively change their lives.

By applying my approach SpielraumCoaching I help you find your room to breathe, dream, decide, and act. More about SpielraumCoaching >

Why coaching is so effective: coaching enables, encourages, supports

Coaching is a very effective and productive process. With a personal coach the forward-facing action begins. You achieve long-lasting changes, not only short-term makeshift solutions. We coaches, we see strengths and skills in our clients, not weaknesses, helplessness and dependence. Coaching enables people to find their own answers, encourages and supports them on their path. 

I help my clients gain clarity, change their perspective, discover opportunities and seize them, overcome barriers, so that they achieve their goals.

I am a graduate of the Core Essentials Program with Coach U, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I work with clients in one-on-one sessions, and also offer seminars and workshops. I coach in German and English.

Don’t hesitate to schedule your free discovery session. Just call > or email > me.

There is power and potential in every one of us to create the live we want und to reach our goals.