Sabine Strecker

My passion for the power of communication goes back to the early beginnings of my 25-year career. The meaning and importance of communication for the relationship between people fascinates me.

I support companies and organizations during transformational processes. With communication strategies and activities, content planning and implementation, trainings and coaching. In addition to this I work with individuals and teams that are facing new challenges or are entering a phase of change.

The look ahead

The value I bring to my clients is multiplied in my work as a consultant, trainer and coach >. I look at every task that a client entrusts me with in its entirety. Company culture, the reflection of values and their crucial role as foundation for success are indispensable elements. Equally essential is the look ahead.

„We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”

J.K. Rowling

I believe that it is necessary to develop a vivid target picture. By doing that we already express the possibility of its implementation. (read more in the Manifesto >)

A look in all directions

As communication specialist, trainer and coach, my curiosity leads me on voyages of discovery, to fascinating tools, interesting approaches, groundbreaking research. I really appreciate meeting people face-to-face, sharing opinions, viewpoints and knowledge in conversations and discussions. You can meet me for example at the events of the American German Business Club in Munich.   

Depending on the project I have a network of colleagues that I work with, from communication and also from neighboring disciplines such as organizational development, event planning, brand consulting and development.

For communication and media trainings I work with my colleague Andreas Unger, an experienced journalist and trainer. Together, we are K2 (Logo) (Read more >)

25 years of experience … some facts (more)

I bring 25 years of experience in the communication industry, as consultant and trainer, as tv journalist and host, and as marketing manager – mostly with managerial responsibilities and in an international context; I am also a coach by training.

  • independent communication consultant, trainer, coach
  • VP, head of the German Corporate&Tech Practice of the international PR agency Ketchum, nine years overall as consultant in agencies
  • Global thinker, four-year stay in the US, many years of work on an international level
  • Head of Marketing/PR and Senior Expert Corporate Communications in companies of the automotive supplier industry
  • Marketing/PR for technology start-up (conformable electronics/wearables), co-founder
  • Journalist by training, work as tv journalist, producer, and host
  • Personal coach by training (Coach U)
  • PR degree (DAPR) and traineeship in PR agency
  • Degree in communication science, Romance philology, national economy
  • Co-author of the book „Gewinner von morgen handeln heute – Erfolgsstrategien für Zulieferunternehmen“
  • Member of the American-German Business Club Munich
  • Member of the Bavarian Philharmonic Choir; regular vocal training
  • More: Xing and LinkedIn