“Spielraeume are my territory.“

“Where I make the rules.“

Are you ready to discover your Spielraeume? Your magical rooms to breathe, to thrive?

To create your life. To make decisions yourself. Freed from old beliefs and constraints.

What if you could open up the magical room that you wish for?

This is possible for you. And with this belief, SpielraumCoaching kicks off.

Sometimes a situation is overwhelming. You are worried. Something holds you back from seeing and seizing opportunities. You imagine obstacles that might be in your way. But if you can do this you can also dram of all the wonderful things, all the valuable experiences, all the success you want to and you can have.

SpielraumCoaching is a very direct way of coaching, that focuses on strengths, abilities and goals.

We also talk about communication. About appreciative communication – for you and others. How communication influences our attitude, specifies our plans and wishes and supports their implementation.

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